Struggling to manage commissions?

Unable to manage quality and diversity of applications?

Striving to improve enrolment management?

Want to prevent your application portal from getting flooded by applications?

VAS is a customisable and transparent application system which provides students and registrar offices an effortless admission experience


Application to Offer Letter

Single portal for submitting applications and printing offer letters


Accessible to both International and Regional Office, reduces turnaround

Agent Support

Provide support and manage communication with agents

Reduce Data Redundancy

Eliminates filling multiple data entries and enables the institute to export data in the desired format

Insight & Analytics

Provides Insight and Analytics on Agent / Country / Regional admissions

How Does VAS Work?

VAS allows multiple stakeholders to access a single cloud-based system to manage their entire application process


    Agents scan forms and upload details on the system


    International Office and Faculty Members review applications online


    Application is approved online and offer letter can be printed at agent’s office or Processing Office


    Student data is downloaded and/or uploaded in all compatible formats with BANNER/University/College systems


    ID is generated by University/College system and entered into VAS by the International office at their convenience

Benefits of Using VAS


Send automated newsletters to agents and students according to country, city, course, faculty, intake and other parameters

Single Access Portal

Single Access Portal for Agent to download all information, keep track of contracts etc


Enables agents, International office staff, faculty members to monitor progress of each application

data security

All applications data is maintained in a single system and a log of all actions is maintained

Resource optimization

Enhances Staff Productivity / Travel costs; Eliminates Printing & Courier Expenses for offer Letters

What Sets Us Apart

VAS provides add-on modules to meet an institution’s needs

Compatible with Banner or any other IT System

Data can be exported and uploaded in any format such as BANNER/SITS/COLLEAGUE; eliminating the need for manual data entry and errors

Follow-Up Module

Allows regional office counsellors and International Office staff to assign students as hot/cold/medium and enter feedback accordingly

Monitoring and Tracking of Commissions

Add-on Module for regional offices to reduce monitoring time and track commissions paid to agents

Customized Processes & Modules

Completely customized processes for clients and specific solutions to meet the needs for universities/colleges

Our High-End Security Infrastructure

ESPL – Data Security Infrastructure

  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Audit trails of all system actions
  • Hardened Servers and Network
  • Physical Security with Amazon’s Cloud infrastructure

Data security measures

  • Rights-Based Server Access Control
  • Personnel Security with background verifications
  • Data access to only specific teams

Data Security Infrastructure

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) with high availability and dependability
  • Web architectures on top most secure computing infrastructure
  • Compliant with various certifications and third-party attestations

Backup Archiving and Secure Storage

  • Three levels of data backups
  • Archiving on Amazon S3
  • Real-time data back-up feed to a separate disaster recovery location
  • Backups in three physical locations which are access regulated

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Who We Are

VAS is the result of a collaboration between various institutes around the world and Infozee, a division of Eazy Softech Private Limited.

Founded in 2000, Infozee was one of the largest recruiters of international students worldwide. We have worked in over six countries and processed over 500,000 applications.

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